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The woman who could not sleep

"My sister, Susan Koroma had no been able to sleep for over a month so I encouraged her to attend one of Pastor Gerald James Crusades. She went up when the call was given for people who needed healing. She was prayed over. The next morning she told us that she was able to sleep soundly and throughout the entire night for the first time in over a month."

Testimony by Pastor Weyata Badu
Pastor of El Bethel Crusade - Ryde, Sydney, Australia

This is how Pastor Gerald James relates his version of the event:

It was during our first Crusade in Sydney, held at Rooty Hill that I noticed a woman in the meeting. The reason that I took notice of her was because had a black cloth covering over her head and shoulders and had a very depressed demeanour about her. I could not view her face clearly because of the covering but noticed that she was of African descent. I discerned in my spirit that something was not right about her. However the meeting continued and I preached about healing and deliverance.

I gave out a call for people that needed healing and deliverance to come forward and she responded. I prayed for her and left Pastor Tapa Monga to continue to deal with her. I returned again to pray for her. This took place on the Saturday night.

Early on the Sunday morning, I received a telephone call from Pastor Weyata Badu who was extremely excited. She told me that her sister after receiving prayer on the Saturday night at our Rooty Hill Crusade was able to sleep for the first time in over a month. She went on to tell me that her sister was suffering from a serious kidney disorder. The doctors had told her that her kidneys were diseased beyond repair. She was in a state of extreme suffering. This led her to believe that she was on the verge of death. She therefore felt that if she went off to sleep, she would not awaken but die in her sleep. The result was that she was in a terrible emotional and mental state and could not fall off to sleep. She had not slept at all in over a month. She therefore left her home in Blacktown and brought her children to temporarily stay with her sister, Pastor Badu during this traumatic time.

Now for the first time in over a month Susan Koroma had a full night's sleep. Pastor Weyata Badu invited us to interview her sister and to record it on video.

When I arrived at the Badu's residence with Peter Abood, our Crusade Director, I was amazed to see a totally different woman from the one I saw at the Crusade. She had a smile on her face and her face looked so much brighter. She was overjoyed and so too was Pastor Weyata Badu.

We conducted the interview and gave Praise to Jesus for His wonderful Work. A Work that man cannot do - only God can!

What a Transformation! What a miracle!