Gerald James was born and raised in Africa—in the City of Durban, South Africa and comes from a family of renowned Christian Ministers - both his Father and Grandfather were Ministers. He was miraculously raised from the dead and dedicated to ministry as a child but rejected his calling and fell into a wild life - of drug and alcohol abuse which shattered his young life. But by a great miracle, God delivered him completely—not only was his life totally transformed but God also restored his calling to ministry.

Over 27 years ago, the James family migrated to Australia where God led him into ministry. After undertaking a Ministry Training Program, he was ordained to ministry in Australia. Gerald James is recognized by the Church with the calling of an Evangelist moving strongly in the Healing and Deliverance Ministry - this is backed by a strong gift of teaching God’s Word.

Gerald James regularly ministers in many countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Middle East and the Pacific Islands - holding Healing & Deliverance Crusades. Recently, he has also ministered in the UK and USA. He also conducts Revival Meetings and Teaching Seminars, titled, ‘Taking it to the Next Level’ and for youth titled, ‘Building up the Next Generation’ for the sole purpose of building up and strengthening the Church worldwide. Gerald James is currently an Ordained Minister with the Foursquare Church - Australia and is also affiliated with Christian Fellowship International of Durban, South Africa - the international church covering of the late Dr. Fred Roberts.

Gerald James resides in Sydney, Australia with his wife, Prem; daughter and her husband who all support him in ministry.