Hope Ministries was founded in June 1999

in Sydney, Australia by Gerald James and a group of like minded Believers deeply concerned for revival in the Church and passionate for Evangelism in the nations of the world.

This is in response to the Scriptures in Acts 1:8, “...and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”(NIV), Hope Ministries was formed with three distinct arms of ministry ie. “Parramatta for Jesus”; “Australia for Jesus”; “The World for Jesus”.

Thus regular meetings are currently being held in the City of Parramatta. Every Friday morning Hope Ministries hosts a Pastor’s & Leader’s Intercessory Prayer Meeting so that the Churches can unite in prayer for the City. Also on Fridays a Lunch-time Intercessory Prayer/ Healing Meeting is held and on the Last Friday of Every Month, a Healing & Deliverance meeting is held in Parramatta. These meetings are for all people who seek physical; inner  and emotion healing through faith in Jesus Christ.

Healing & Deliverance Meetings titled, “Witness a Demonstration of the Power of God” are held in different places where invitations are extended to us, both locally and abroad.

Hope Ministries has a deep yearning to reach the Indigenous people of Australia. Thus regular outreaches are undertaken to the remote Aboriginal settlements of Australia and at times even to the Australian Outback.

Christian Teaching and Training courses are being held every Sunday night in Parramatta with the sole purpose of Empowering, Equipping and Enabling Christians to do the work of the ministry. The attendees are Believers from many different Churches and Denominations in Sydney and over the past 3 years a School of Evangelism has been running to train people for Evangelism.