About Gerald James

(Ordained Minister)

Gerald James comes from Africa - born and raised in the City of Durban, South Africa.
He has a great Christian heritage as both his father and grandfather were Christian Ministers - his grandfather, M. James had a powerful evangelistic calling and was gifted in Church planting, while his father Henry James was a Pastor who pioneered and built up large Churches and was, prior to his death, the Overseer of the Apostolic Faith Mission in the Province of Natal, South Africa.

Gerald James was miraculously raised from the dead and dedicated to ministry as a child but deserted his calling and strayed away from God during his student days. He fell into a wild life of drugs and alcohol abuse and by the time he entered young adulthood, he was an alcoholic and addicted to other destructive substances. His young life was broken and shattered and his personality destroyed
By a great miracle, God instantaneously delivered him and transformed his life totally.
Not only was his life totally changed but God also restored his calling to ministry. About 27 years ago, the James family migrated to Australia where God led him into ministry.
After a Ministry Training Program in Australia, he was ordained to ministry by the Church of the Foursquare Gospel of Australia and subsequently by the Gospel Evangelical Mission of South Africa.

Gerald James is recognized by the Church with the calling of an Evangelist - moving mightily in the Healing and Deliverance Ministry and is strongly anointed by the Holy Spirit.
He stands in the authority and power of God to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, operating in the revelatory and power Gifts of the Holy Spirit, preaching and teaching the Word of God in the Demonstration of the Spirit and Power.

Gerald James conducts Evangelistic crusades both locally in Australia and abroad in the Nations of the World.
These crusades are aptly titled, 'Witness a Demonstration of the Power of God,' with many attesting to the Power of God saving, healing, delivering and transforming their lives.
He has undertaken 'missions trips' to many countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America and the Pacific Islands.
He also has a heart to reach out to the Indigenous people of Australia and has been on regular 'missions' to the Aboriginal settlements in remote Australia.
He also conducts revival meetings in churches and seminars titled, 'Taking it to the Next Level' and for youth titled, 'Building up the Next Generation.'

Gerald James heads up Hope Ministries, a ministry organization formed for the purpose of the evangelization of Australia and the Nations of the World and further for the purpose of building up the Church Worldwide.

Gerald James resides in Sydney with his wife, Prem and his daughter, and her husband, who all support him in ministry.